Everything You Need To Know About The Hemp Strains- Demystified

Nowadays, Hemp strains are getting plenty of attention because of their perceived health advantages. It does give a sense like everybody wants to try on numerous products that are derived from Hemp. 

That said, it has a complicated history that can be a little discouraging for individuals who wish to reap the advantageous features of this very plant. But do you all even know what it is? Let’s try and learn about it in detail.


It is also termed ‘industrial hemp’, which is the non-psychoactive class of the cannabis Sativa that’s generally found in the northern end of the hemisphere. 

Several species of the cannabis plant- cannabis indica, cannabis Sativa, and the cannabis ruderalis. Hemp and Cannabis as drugs are both originated from the classes cannabis Sativa, both have the psychoactive ingredient THC, i.e., (tetrahydrocannabinol). 

The Meaning of Strain?

Well, in botany, this term refers to mutations found inside plant cultivars. Strain also applies to the family that descends from the modified plants. The plant is either produced via biotechnological processes or through constant breeding. In a few cases, distinct strains occur from the genetic mutations.

That said, the term strain generally applies to the cultivars like cannabis, rhododendrons, azaleas, daffodils, roses, and camellias.

Let’s Learn about the Nutritional Facts

As per the USDA, i.e., United States Department of Agriculture, says about 3 tbsp of the hemp seeds comprise 116 calories and several other nutrients listed below:

Carbs- 2.60 gram

Protein- 9.47 gram

Fat- 1.20 gram

Monounsaturated fatty acids- 1.62 gram

The Total fatty acids- 14.62 gram

Saturated fatty acids- 1.38 gram

Polyunsaturated fat- 11.43 gram

And these seeds are even an excellent source of minerals and vitamins with the likes of Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc.

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to taking one you may like to read about the top-3 CBD Hemp flower.

Top-3 CBD Hemp Flower 

Based on what one desires from CBD-rich flowers, the preference in Hemp strains can vary. One may need a product for daytime usage while others may want to help themselves relax when going to bed. The top-3 CBD Hemp flowers are as follows-

#1 Special Sauce

With nearly 23.1% Cannabidiol and 23.2% of total cannabinoids, this truly is a pretty unique and different flower. It crosses between the authentic Special Sauce alongside Resin Berry is stunning, with the green bud (dark) and the purple exterior, decorated with orange hair and frosted with the trichomes.

#2 The Sour Space Candy

It’s a daytime strain and the user’s joy, with an incredibly sharp profile, setting the senses to dance. It tastes like spicy ripe plum & cherries and can start one’s morning by boosting their overall mood.

It’s a magnificent green, orange, & purple bud with loads of resin-rich trichomes. This has about 19.4% Cannabidiol and 20.5% of the total cannabinoids.

#3 Lifter

This strain goes on to deliver the peaceful energy, helping you to get through the manic Monday or perhaps a fraught Friday very conveniently. Pine is a dominant flavor, and with the whiff of the diesel in early scent and the lemony funk lingers on a tongue.

#4 Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze’s hit is all you want to kickstart the day. Pineapple is a dominant note, however, you will determine mango and lemon in this pleasant tropical hybrid.

It’s a perfect green bud with a very lavender hue and rich red hair. This has about 13.7% of the Cannabidiol and 14.4% of the overall cannabinoids.

So, yeah there you have it. These are 4 of the most successful and notable hemp strains available in the market. Hopefully, this guide will assist you all to understand a thing or two about the Hemo strains.

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