Rim For Sale – Best Quality Wheels For The Best Cars 

Cars are mankind’s greatest invention. They save time and effort. These cars can be used for any purpose of travelling, but cars need to be well maintained for them to work perfectly. Maintaining includes car services and most importantly having the best quality wheels.

Wheels are the main parts of a car that helps it move without wheels, a car is as good as nothing. Everyone likes to get the best quality, classy-looking wheels for their cars. These are hard to find but certain companies have emerged that provide services of crafting wheels according to one’s specifications. 

Where can one find the best quality wheels?

Rayone Wheels based in China is one such company that provides the best quality wheels to serve every buyer’s purpose. They have all types of wheels that can be used for a person’s precious car. They have seasonal wheels as well.

Why choose Rayone Wheels?

After years of research and development, They are one of the Top 10 wheel factories in China that produce cast and forged wheels completely made in-house. Their JWL VIA-certified facility provides a brand new range of machinery. They use 12 new CNC machines to manufacture wheels. They also have milling machines with high power and spindle speeds that reduce cycle times providing smooth furnishings. They can do a variety of complex processes like turning, diamond cutting lip etc. 

To date with their newest series, their casting wheel factory is constantly changing out new designs and colours, making the perfect look, class and feel for all vehicles. 

Their newest Rim for sale collection and offers a wide range of unique wheels for one’s car. 

Their Factory Comprises various departments such as :

  • Machine Department – A variety of complex processes for making the wheel takes place here.
  • Hard Coating Department – They prepare the wheel for its final surface furnishing here.
  • Finish Department – A range of finishing options such as ceramic polishing, hand brushing and powder coating takes place here.

After the manufacturing is done the next step is designing, their designing department works in the following manner:

  • Design Process 
  • Diamond Cutting Lip
  • Vehicle optimized aesthetics

What are their different types of showrooms?

  • Rayone Racing Wheels Showroom -Their racing series covers 13-24 inch aftermarket design wheels, which are the classic mesh designs to the five-spoke designs.
  • RIM wheels showroom – This series is very famous all over Asia. It has a red and black box on the wheels.
  • Ks Wheels Showroom- These are currently available in 8 models that represent different eras.

Rayone’s Engineers 

They have professional engineers that are physically tested in their compliance with JWL and VIA standards. According to the vehicle, each wheel undergoes emulated cornering, radial, and impact testing by using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. After this, over 100 measurements are taken from each vehicle including weight and distribution to determine each wheel’s material requirements.

Their new arrivals:

  • 5018 Matt Black
  • 5014 Black machine face
  • 5040 Sand Bronze
  • 690S Black Diamond cutting lip
  • 620 B- It brings back a heritage feel but with modern techniques.

The DIM Wheel Collection 

  • DIM606 Matt Black
  • DIM 650 Bronze 
  • DIM 644 Black machine face + Red Line
  • DIM 617 Gold Machine Face

Their Racing Collection :

  • A059 Carbon Grey 
  • A050 Matt Black
  • 559F Bronze 
  • 670 Matt Black machine face lip + Red Coating 

Their new racing collection is one of the best as it helps in speeding during a race.

and their demands, by providing the best quality wheels. They come with custom wheels with unique designs. All their wheels are made by them in their factory.

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