Soprano Ice Treatment – Get Rid Of All the Unwanted Body Hair Permanently

Unwanted body hair can be a menace for everyone. Many quick methods of hair removal like shaving and using various creams don’t last long and you can see the hair back again within just two or three days. And long-lasting methods like threading and waxing can be painful. So, you need to look for a treatment like Soprano Ice Treatment that is permanent and leaves you super satisfied.

Understanding Soprano Ice Treatment

Soprano ice treatment is one of the body hair reduction treatments, which has entirely transformed medical photo-epilation. In-motion technique and SHR technology make sure that the skin remains cool and the experience cannot be more comfortable. It is the fastest and most effective laser hair removal treatment on the market at present.

The treatment is suitable for all skin and hair types with fast, safe, and satisfying results. It also provides aesthetic enhancement of the body. With its effective and latest technology, the treatment treats all the body parts and puts a stop to unwanted hair growth from face to feet – all body parts. After the treatment, your skin is as smooth and soft as silk.

Soprano Ice treatment is FDA approved which verifies its safety and effectiveness. It is non-invasive and pain-free, alluring a large number of people towards it. The treatment is not only suitable for women but also men. Anyone who wishes to get rid of body hair can get the treatment without any hesitation.

The target of the treatment

The Soprano Ice treatment focuses on the hair follicles. The light energy is converted into heat when it reaches the root, swiftly destroying the hair follicles. As the root gets destroyed, there will be no hair growth in the future.

To get the best results possible, the hair must have melanin pigment in the follicle so the laser doesn’t work on grey or ginger hair. Very fine hair isn’t affected by the treatment as they don’t have adequate density, thus not enough melanin pigment.

How does Soprano Ice Treatment work?

The treatment consists of an in-motion technique that involves moving the applicator continuously over the area that needs to be treated. It ensures full coverage of the treated area. The treatment also includes the ICE technique that cools the skin surface, preventing it from burns. It is what makes the treatment painless.

Results of the treatment

The results of the Soprano Ice treatment can vary for different patients. After one week of the procedure, the hair of the treated area starts to fall off. However, you may see hair patches on the treated area as the treatment might have missed some hair follicles. It is a common sight after the first session of the treatment.

To get satisfying results, the treatment must be repeated several times – 6 to 8 times to be more precise. Over time, you get rid of all your hair follicles. Once the treatment reaches its final session, the patient only required final touch-up to keep the skin silky smooth and free from unwanted hair.

Benefits of the treatment

No matter what type of skin or hair your body has, Soprano Ice Treatment is suitable for all of them. There are many reasons why this treatment method is getting more and more popular with each passing day, which are:

  • It is pain-free with no downtime
  • It is safe
  • The results of the treatment are long-lasting

The only question that might have left in your mind now is where you can get the best Soprano Ice treatment. Well, you need not worry about it at all because Lucia Clinic is the answer to your questions. The Clinic provides you with the best treatment suitable for you.

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