Top Tips for Booking a Hotel

Since the dawn of the 21st century, travelers have become much more knowledgeable about flying. Many of us now have the means to travel in style and convenience on a budget, thanks to low-cost airlines. Please do visit for Kendall Mountain Lodge.

Today’s passengers are far more well-versed in the ins and outs of flying than in previous eras. Today’s cheap airlines have allowed many of us to travel comfortably and affordably. It’s not always that simple to choose a good hotel for our vacations. Our judgments are influenced by various criteria, including our trip budget, style, demands, location, etc.

Having chosen the ideal hotel for our needs, we were shocked to discover that it fell well short of our expectations — & regretted not doing more homework before deciding.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the ten most important things to remember while booking a hotel reservation. The next time you go on a trip, you may use this information to choose the ideal accommodation.

  1. The hotel’s actual location

In the past, I’d been in a hotel with a terrible location, making it almost hard to go about on foot (peacefully). Aside from the city center, I had also slept at a hotel that was far away. Every day, getting to and from work took up so much of my time. As a result of these mishaps, I now double-check the hotel’s actual location before booking.

For the convenience of all clients, several hotel booking websites provide an online map for all customers.

Before making any reservations on the platform for hotels in Jakarta, I double-checked the precise location of each property. That way, I’ll be able to save money and time on transportation.

2. The link to the Internet

Internet was a need while I was a digital nomad. I was very restless when I wasn’t able to have it. I was irritated whenever it disconnected. At the time, having access to the internet was critical for me.

While most hotels provide free WiFi, there are exceptions. Only a few devices are allowed access to these servers—one of the Bangkok hotels I booked restricted me to using just one WiFi code per device.

A hotel room with more than one occupant might provide a challenge. However, at the moment, I require the code for both my phone and laptop. Before making a reservation, make sure to inquire about the hotel’s availability of high-speed Internet access.

3. Free breakfast at the hotel

A complimentary breakfast is a perk I always look for when booking a hotel. I’m willing to pay for convenience. Additionally, I’ll be able to save money on breakfast by doing this.

Some hotels let you skip breakfast in exchange for a lower lodging fee. Why not save a buck by booking a hotel with a complimentary breakfast instead of the one that doesn’t know when the price difference is just a dollar? Having breakfast at a cafe outside your hotel may cost you much more than having it in your hotel.

4. Reviews on reputable review sites for hotels

I often visit travel blogs and review sites to get an idea of what others say about a hotel they’ve been in.

As usual, the reviews are helpful, but they aren’t always accurate. There will always be a few disgruntled tourists who complain about their experiences online simply because they are finicky and inconsiderate. They can turn an otherwise decent hotel into the most despicable place on the planet. You will be disappointed if you’re expecting anything like that from a two-star hotel.

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