Why Eat-And-See Sites Are Important?

If you are not new to the digital world, you must have heard about E-A-T already. Nowadays, every business has some sort of online presence which means a website. But how can improve the ranking of your website on any search engine? Here comes E-A-T. It is one of the factors that Google use to analyze the quality of any web page. So if you own a website, make sure it is a 먹튀검증사이트 (eat and see site). 

What are Eat-And-See Sites? 

In 2014, Google made this concept of eat and see site part of their webpage evaluation guidelines. The three letters of this concept stand for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. This plays a very important role in deciding the rank of your website on any google search result. Google overtly states a few factors that can impact the rating of a website such as how the page is beneficial to the audience, the main quality and content, the reputation of the website along with E-A-T. 

  • The ‘E’ stands for expertise. It means the content creator needs to be an expert on the topic he or she chooses to discuss in the article. It may vary over what kind of field you are writing for. If you are writing an article related to entertainment, there is less weightage on expertise. But if it is related to education, finance or anything legal, expertise in the field is very important.
  • The next is ‘A’ suggesting authoritativeness. If you are a creator and you don’t have authority over your content, your creation won’t stand out. It is necessary to show authority and you can easily get it from your writers.
  • The last one is ‘T’. It means trustworthiness. If your audience does not feel safe scrolling you’re your website, then you are going downhill. As a creator of the content, your viewers should trust you and it is very important for e-commerce websites. 

Why do you need E-A-T?

If you want your content to top the Google webpage, you must follow the right 먹튀검증사이트 strategy. But first, you need to know how it exactly works. 

  • Don’t you need food to live? Similarly, your web content does too and for it, the food is viewers. So if you do not give your content the right amount of viewing, it will soon fade away from the search results.
  • Next, the eat and see site  determines the website’s value. If the E-A-T strategy works out well, the ranking of your website will increase and your content will become more saleable. 
  • The right E-A-T strategy will make your content stand out. Your page will perform well on these standards- the audience feels comfortable reading, the quality of the content is good etc. 

How E-A-T sites are related to YMYL?

Eat and see site  are closely associated with YMYL pages. It refers to Your Money Your Life pages on Google. These pages include topics like medical, legal, and financial advice. In a nutshell, aspects of life create an impact on an individual’s life or his or her happiness. The relation between these two is a high ranking YMYL page will have a high level of E-A-T.

Therefore, eat and see site  is very important in deciding the ranking of a website and in turn, impacts the sale of your business. So if you already have a website or are planning to create one soon, E-A-T is a must that can create a huge impact on your online presence. 

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