Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz 2021: Get Your Potter House Sorted

The craze for Harry Potter knows no bounds and has no limits. J.K Rowling, through this book series, has managed to entice and capture the hearts of millions of people. There are fans all over the world sharing their love for Harry Potter. For most fans, Harry Potter is a different emotion. Fans have read the entire book collection and watched the entire movie series to get absorbed more in the magical world of Harry Potter. This world of wizarding has unleashed many new ideas to attract more people in this world.

What is the sorting hat quiz?

Every Harry Potter fan wants to be a part of the infamous Hogwarts school of magic. There is no limit to the imaginations that we have regarding this world full of magic. Every scene, every episode from the book/movie has been etched in our hearts. Each fan associates themselves with any of the four houses of Hogwarts. These four houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

There are so many different activities and quizzes made by the Harry Potter fan club for the entertainment of all the Harry Potter lovers out there. The Harry Potter sorting hat quiz is one of those many activities. This online quiz determines which house you belong to based on a couple of regular questions. These simple questions are related to your regular life. There can be as many questions as required as a part of this quiz.

What does the sorting hat quiz reflect?

People find it extremely fun and entertaining to answer all these quiz questions. The anticipation of finding which house you belong to by the end of the quiz can give you a real adrenaline rush. Through the process of answering all these simple questions as a part of the quiz, you can find out your Harry Potter house. This bunch of questions is basically nothing bookish. People do not need a lot of in-depth knowledge to be able to answer all these questions.

This quiz is more of a personality test rather than a Harry Potter quiz. You need to have little or no information about Harry Potter to answer these questions. The sorted house will only reflect how you are in real life with yourself and with others. Not only your personality but a house will be sorted for you based on your likes and dislikes. This computerized sorting hat quiz has a very basic algorithm that studies your personality and puts it with the matched house.

Functioning of the sorting hat quiz

In the book/movie series of Harry Potter, it was the magical sorting hat that determined the house of each witch and wizard in Hogwarts. This is the idea that has been taken behind the creation of this fun-filled and exciting quiz. However, how does this quiz actually function? Each house at Hogwarts has its unique set of features. These features are reflected in the quiz questions so that it is known which house personality matches yours. The features of each house are:

  • Gryffindor – This house values bravery, courage, chivalry, and nerve. The mascot of this house is the lion.
  • Slytherin – This house values cunningness, ambition, resourcefulness, and leadership qualities. The mascot of this house is the snake.
  • Hufflepuff – This house is about justice, patience, loyalty, and hard work. The mascot of this house is a badger.
  • Ravenclaw – This house values wisdom, learning, wit, and intelligence. The mascot of this house is the eagle.

Some of the questions that this sorting hat quiz might ask the friends are:

  • How do you plan to face your fears?
  • What song would you choose from the following?
  • What Harry Potter spell do you like the most?
  • What spirit animal would you choose for yourself?

Apart from these straightforward questions, fans often come across situational questions. In these situational questions, you are given a bunch of situations. The idea is to see what would be your instant instinct or your common reaction regarding the situation. Based on your ability to tackle the situation, the sorting hat will finally choose the accurate house where you actually belong.

Why should you try the sorting hat quiz?

If you are a superfan of Harry Potter, then this question is redundant. Only superfans are all excited about the Pottermore quiz. So, do not waste your time and try out this Harry Potter sorting hat test to find out which house you belong to in this magical world.

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