Hogwarts School Of Wizardry And Witchcraft: What Hogwarts House Am I In?


So is the infamous line by Miss Lestrange, which instilled fear in the hearts of the trio and our poor dobby enough? Are you a Pureblood? Mudblood? Which house do you belong to? Have you already decided that you belong to Gryffindor just because you liked our lightning scar hero? Or is it because you found Hermione Granger cute?

Well, if you haven’t yet, this article would guide you through the history of Hogwarts and all about the sorting hat and how it judges a person and decides on which house he/she belongs to. If you are wondering on the same question as to what hogwarts house am i in? Or which Hogwarts house am I in?

So please sit back, pull out your ink, quill, and paper (make sure you don’t land on Riddle’s diary) and take notes as we dive into the history of Hogwarts, its houses, and the selection process!

The houses: –

The Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft is divided into four major houses. These houses are as follows: –

  1. Potter’s Gryffindor.
  2. Cedric’s Hufflepuff.
  3. Luna’s Ravenclaw.
  4. Draco’s Slytherin.

(The reason they are mentioned is that you would realize what houses they are based on the students. Some mudbloods don’t even know how many houses are in HP and then say they belong to Hogwarts).

House system: –

House systems are fairly common when it comes to British education. When it comes to magic schools, Hogwarts isn’t far behind. Houses were essentially living and learning groups where students used to live together and learn. They shared the same dorm and would all live in the same place. It was a small community of like-minded students.

There was a competition between these houses, and it was based on the number of points. The more amounts a house has, the better the chances are for winning the house cup. These points were merited based on behaviour, sports, curricular and co-curricular activities.

The majority of points that were awarded to a certain house were through quidditch. Quidditch is like the heart of Hogwarts. All the houses have their quidditch teams, and they all compete with each other. So when it comes to the question as to what hogwarts house am I in? You should first know what the basics are.

Sorting hat: –

As to the answers to your question, you must first know what the grumpy old hat is. When Hogwarts was founded, and the founding members were alive, they used to pick the students into their groups themselves and, of course, by those student’s choices. They used to pick them up by their nature and their affinities to the houses.

A fan theory also states that there could be certain tests that you needed to give to choose your house. But the founding fathers were worried as to what would happen after their deaths.

Godric Gryffindor removed his hat and told every founder member to put some of their brains into this hat. This birthed the grumpy old hat which sits at Dumbledore’s office.

Sorting system: –

The hat is famous for singing the Hogwarts school song and the history of 4 houses like a song. Ronald once said that the hay prepares for the song for the whole year! It is also famous for telling stories that indicate that the students are always in mortal danger and that the dark times always loom over Hogwarts.

Although this is termed as baseless because it sits inside Dumbledore’s office and picks up whatever it hears.

When it comes to the sorting system, what hogwarts house am i? Or which Hogwarts house am I in? You don’t need to ask the same for the hat. It judges you based on what skills you have or the skills and qualities that you admire.

It also takes into consideration your choices and decisions, and then it concludes. So if you have the personality of a Hufflepuff, but you want to be a Slytherin, it all depends on how much of a Slytherin you want to be.

Here the article comes to an end. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have moving pictures, and Rita Skeeter doesn’t write it. If you liked this article, please comment your thoughts below!!

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